" We define our landscapes as much as they define us "

Latest Publications

Luo, Yan, J. T. Street, P. H. Steele, E. D. Entsminger, V. K. Guda. 2016. Activated carbon derived from pyrolyzed pinewood char using elevated temperature, KOH, H3PO4, and H2O2. BioResources 11 (4):10433-10447. Download

Wergeles, N.M., C. Shang, Z. Peng, H. Wang, Y. Shang, J. Sartwell, T Treiman, J.L. Belant, J. Millspaugh, J.T. McRoberts, J. Beringer. 2016. Mobile computing and trajectory analysis in Missouri Conservation. IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing 2:1-5. Download

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