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Junaid, O., F. C. Owens, E. D. Entsminger, R. D. Seale, R. Shmulsky. 2018. Strength and stiffness properties of small clear specimens taken from commercially procured No.2 2x8 and 2x10 southern pine dimension lumber. Journal of Wood and Fiber Science 50(3):1-7. Download

Omer, A. R., L. E. Miranda, M. T. Moore, L. J. Krutz, J. M. Prince Czarnecki, R. Kroger, B. H. Baker, J. A. Hogue, P. J. Allen. 2018. Reduction of suspended solid and nutrient loss from agricultural lands by tailwater recovery systems. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 73(3):284-297. Download

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