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Bowling, S.A., C.E. Moorman, C.S. Deperno, B. Gardner. 2014. Influence of landscape composition on northern bobwhite population response to field border establishment. Journal of Wildlife Management 78(1):93-100. Download

Oedekoven, C.S., S.T. Buckland, M.L. Mackenzie, K.O. Evans, L.W. Burger Jr. 2013. Improving distance sampling: accounting for covariates and non-independency between sampled sites. Journal of Applied Ecology. Download

Evans, K.O., L.W. Burger, C.S. Oedekoven, M.D. Smith, S.K. Riffell, J.A. Martin, S.T. Buckland. 2013. Multi-region response of northern bobwhite coveys to targeted conservation buffers. Journal of Wildlife Management 77:716-725.

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CP-33 Monitoring Program Key Findings 2006-2011

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Northern Bobwhite Breeding Season

Dickcissel Breeding Season

Field Sparrow Breeding Season

Eastern Meadowlark Breeding Season

Indigo Bunting Breeding Season

Grasshopper Sparrow Breeding Season

Eastern Kingbird Breeding Season

Painted Bunting Breeding Season

Vesper Sparrow Breeding Season

Bell's Vireo Breeding Season

Upland Sandpiper Breeding Season

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

CP-33 Monitoring Program Key Findings by State

Northern Bobwhite Breeding Season


Field Sparrow

Eastern Meadowlark

Indigo Bunting

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