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Current National Projects


Current International Projects

  • IUCN/SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group
  • Jaguar Corridor, Costa Rica
  • Mammal Distributions in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Patagonia
  • Neotropical felids in Colombia
  • Red Pandas in Nepal
  • Serengeti Lion Project


Previous Projects

  • Apostle Islands Black Bears
  • Bogotá Biodiversity, Colombia
  • Borneo Carnivore Symposium
  • Denali Grizzly Bears
  • Status and Ecology of American Martens on Isle Royale
  • Ursid Trophic Niche Variation, Canada/Alaska
  • Vertebrates in Aldesa Valley, Saudi Arabia
  • Yellow mongoose in South Africa
  • Yukon Grizzly Bears