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Elements of the Center include:
Steering Committee: A technical steering committee/advisory board composed of scientist from industry and academia that have expertise in the areas being considered by the Laboratory will be set up. The Head of the Department of Forest Products will also be a member of the Steering Committee. This Committee will offer advice on the Lucas Laboratory's overall research program direction.

Center Director (or Co-Directors): A current faculty member will accept this position as a change in duty assignment. The Lucas Laboratory Director has primary responsibilities of coordinating plans and activities of the Laboratory, facilitating communication between the partners in the Laboratory, soliciting and managing outside funding, and communication of the Laboratory's programs and results internally and externally. review of the Director's performance plan and evaluation is the responsibility of the Forest Products Department head. To share responsibilities, two Co-Directors may be incorporated instead of a single Director.

Center Affiliations: To best serve the needs of the forest Products Industry and shape operational goals, the Lucas Laboratory will establish affiliations with external companies, organizations, and agencies, and will foster collaboration with these external stakeholders. Possible Collaborators are:
  • Southern forest Products Association
  • Southeastern Lumber Manufacture's Association
  • USDA Forests Products Lab
  • Private companies such as:
    • Arch
    • Janssen Pharmuceutica
    • osmose
    • Lonza
    • Lanxess
    • Syngenta
    • Viance
    • Weyerhaeuser
    • Universal Forest Products