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Operating Framework and Elements:
Through the Lucas Laboratory, the technical knowledge and skills of Mississippi State University's faculty and staff, collaborators, and external partners will be brought to bear on the Forest Products Industry problems associated with the development of new wood preservatives and effluent disposal. Together, Lucas Laboratory partners will work to create cost effective solutions and transfer these to industry. The Lucas Laboratory will be supported by a core of faculty and staff from the Forest Products Department.

Basic funding for the Lucas Laboratory will be derived form the endowed gift from Harold C. and Claire Lucas. The Lucas Laboratory will utilize the annual earnings from the endowment to support its objectives, including primarily: research, graduate level education, and dissemination of information. It is envisioned that each year, the Lucas Laboratory Director or Co-Directors will propose and submit a budget to the Department Head. The proposed budget will ge forwarded to the FWRC Dean/Director. From there it will go to the MSU Controller's office where a check can be cut from the endowment proceeds for deposit into the Lucas Laboratory.

Other funding form donations and research grants will be solicited to augment the Lucas endowment. In general, donations will be channeled through the MSU Foundation via the CFR/FWRC development contact and research grant proposals will be routed though the Forest products Department, Forest and Wildlife Research Center, Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine, up to Sponsored Programs Administration.