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Hill Country Aquaculture

Robert Kröger, Peter Allen
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The Hill Country Aquaculture project is a research arm of the USDA-ARS aquaculture program which is looking into the aquaculture industry in the Hill Country of East Mississippi and West Alabama. The aquaculture in this region is very different to that of the Mississippi Delta in several ways. Hydrologically the sites have deeper ponds, ponds are surface flow driven (i.e., ponds are filled from surface ditches vs. well water), and the ponds are varying in size and are matched to the landscape. These factors alone will have several varying environmental consequences for raising certain aquaculture species. Research through the Hill Country project is looking at investigating the potential of management practices in surface drains to improve water quality entering and exiting ponds, investigating the changes in environmental physico-chemical parameters of the water column as a result of depth, and is looking into the potential production of alternate aquaculture species to provide an added revenue source.


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