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Integrative Aquatic Research on Southfarm

Robert Kröger

Integrative Aquatic Research on Southfarm strives to be the leader for improving the health of aquatic ecosystems in the Southeastern US. From research understanding underlying mechanistic processes to extension driven field scale demonstration units, the applicability and benefit created by this research will build a community of farmers, agency collaborators and researchers that are all striving towards a common purpose of landscape stewardship and water resource conservation for aquatic system improvement in the Southeast and specifically the Gulf of Mexico.

Aquatic research will focus on the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: Scientifically promote research technologies toward aquatic system sustainability
  • Objective 2: Integrate all research results with extension activities that showcase practice applicability
  • Objective 3: Provide showcase areas (at field and watershed scales) for disseminating information related to landscape stewardship for aquatic system improvement.

All projects will have strong research and extension components, highlighting applicability of science to management.


Gulf of Mexico Research

Completed Projects