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Soil media compositions for water quality improvements and stormwater management in urban flow-through facilities

Robert Kröger, Corey Gallo

Graduate Student(s):  Emily Overbey

This interdisciplinary and collaborative research project proposes using urban, small-scale flow-through facilities for water quality and quantity improvements. These facilities are described as "flow through" because they are intended to be used in dense urban environments or heavy clay conditions that do not allow for infiltration. This research is critical to understanding how a specific stormwater BMP (urban swale / flow-through facility) can be used to mitigate stormwater pollutants in urban areas in relatively constrained urban conditions. The research will directly appeal to state and local policy makers (e.g. Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality) as they assess how best to meet water quality and quantity requirements, while at the same time being flexible to the needs of the development community, which is typically against any requirement that limits their available land area. Two specific objectives will be undertaken. The first objective is a replicated lab experiment that will test differences of soil media composition and depth on water quality and quantity efficiencies to determine a preferred "treatment" composition for reducing run-off volumes and peak flows, and removing nonpoint source pollutants (e.g., nutrients and total suspended solids) for the South-Eastern United States. The second objective will develop a portable extension/outreach tool that can be used to explain an urban flow-through facility and its applicability to the development and regulatory community. The results from objective 1 will be translated into an info sheet that will accompany the outreach tool when being used in demonstrations.

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