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REACH (Research & Education to Advance Conservation & Habitat)

Robert Kröger, Alex Littlejohn, Dan Prevost , Jared Harris
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REACH is an innovative, grass-roots collaborative program between Mississippi State University Extension Service, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Station, Forest and Wildlife Research Center, and Delta F.A.R.M. (Farmers Advocating Resource Management). The goal of REACH is to create a network of cooperative farms in Mississippi with variable agricultural practices to illustrate the success of conservation practice implementation for landscape stewardship and water resource conservation. REACH is a state wide, "hands on" program that provides coordination and support to document the benefits of conservation efforts.

The REACH program was created to integrate research and outreach on specific farms to demonstrate the benefits of conservation on agricultural lands. REACH is producer driven and producer led, and provides a forum to address producer's agricultural and natural resource concerns at the farm scale that translate to improvements in the production system. The products developed by this program will be used to further conservation delivery and adoption in agriculture. The scope of REACH is not limited to water resources, and opportunities exist to incorporate other resource concerns such as wildlife habitat and air quality. Through its partnerships and collaborations, REACH will provide purposeful and intentional practice implementation, evaluation, and education.


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