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Assessing complexity of hydrology, nutrient inputs and phosphorus dynamics with agricultural drainage sediments

Robert Kröger

Graduate Student(s):  Elizabeth Usborne

This project is funded through the Soil Processes Program office of the Agricultural Food Research Initiative (AFRI, now NIFA), USDA-CSREES. The project was funded in September, 2009, and is expected to be completed by September, 2011.

The central hypothesis of this project is that hydrological variability and influent P loads from agricultural soils will predictably interact with the contribution of P loads from drainage sediments to aquatic systems. The long term goal of this project is to allow the development of a broader scale research program that will develop strategies which enhance our understanding of drainage sediments (i.e. primary aquatic systems) associated with the agricultural landscape, and the complex nature of nutrient dynamics therein. The overall objective of this application, which is the first step towards attainment of my long-term research goal, is to identify the contribution drainage sediments make to P loads under typical agricultural circumstances. The research proposed is significant, because application of this preliminary data will result in more substantial development of knowledge in this field that will eventually lead to new approaches to management of nutrient contamination from production agriculture to aquatic receiving systems. Determining relationships between hydrology, P sediment dynamics and influent P loads is expected to have significant environmental impacts to adjacent agricultural aquatic systems at a fine scale, to hydrologically connected coastal ecosystems at a broad scale.


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