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Tyler Stubbs

M.S. Student

AKA Stubbie/Stubblet

Hometown: Gowrie, Iowa

Education: B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, South Dakota State University

I have 8 private ponds around the Starkville area that I sample. My 2 objectives are to 1) Describe spatial and temporal distributions of sediment nutrients (Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Carbon) and benthic macro-invertebrates in recreational fishing ponds, and to 2) Estimate potential relationships between sediment nutrients and benthic macro-invertebrate characteristics in recreational fishing ponds. For this study I am also doing a gear comparison between the traditional Ekman Dredge, and a Yabby pump. This is the first time that a Yabby pump has been used to collect scientific data in the United States.

I am originally from a small town in north-central Iowa. I started my undergraduate work at Iowa Central College, and then transferred in 2006 to South Dakota State University where I graduated in 2008. I am currently a Master's student under Dr. Robert Kroger, and work in the Water Quality lab. My main research interests include pond management, trophic relationships, and freshwater ecology. I have been at Mississippi State since May of 2009. I was married to my wife Tia in August 2009. We are proud parents of a Mississippi highway hound pup we call LeRoy. My hobbies and likes include but are not limited to fishing, hunting, football, golfing, cooking, talking about the great state of Iowa, Green Bay Packers football, ecological debates and small scale aquaculture.