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Past Employees

Winter 2017-2018

employees from winter 2017

L to R (back row): Ryan Harris, Rebekah Lumkes, Adam Fahnestock, Kathryn Sliwa. L to R (front row): Nick Fowler, Ashley Lutto, Zack Farley, Todd Kautz, Willow, Scout, Sara Trujillo, Clara Shattuck, Ben Murley, Mike Cushway

Fall 2017

employees from fall 2017

L to R: Megan Petersohn, Kathryn Sliwa, Ben Murley, Zack Farley (Not pictured: Todd Kautz, Ashley Lutto, Nick Fowler).

Summer 2017

employees from winter 2017

L to R (back row): Jeremy Spool, Steve Gurney, Kristina Kennedy, Jessica Beach, Emma Doden, Braiden Quinlan, Zack Farley, DJ Steakley, Todd Kautz, Nick Fowler, Ashley Lutto. L to R (front row): Jen Chandler, Megan Petersohn, Jack Magee.

Winter 2016-17

employees from winter 2016

L to R: Ashley Lutto, Lizzie Croose, Courtney Dotterweich, Emily Monfort, Morgan Oberly, Zack Farley, Todd Kautz, Nick Fowler, Sara Harrington, Mark Jackson, Brandon Bernhardt (not pictured: Greg Robertson).

Fall 2016

employees from fall 2016

L to R: Zack Farley, Nick Fowler, Courtney Dotterweich, Ashley Lutto, Emily Monfort

Spring-Summer 2016

employees from spring 2016

L to R: Sofia Ziemienski, Todd Kautz, Brendon Popp, Ashley Lutto, Nick Fowler, Zack Farley, Emma Rosenfield

Fall 2015

employees from fall 2015

L to R: Nick Fowler, Carrie Kyle, Chantel Wright, Ashley Lutto, Todd Kautz, Tyler Petroelje

Spring-Summer 2015

employees from spring/summer 2015

Back row, L to R: Gordy Zuehlke (MDNR Pilot), Conner Almond, Kyle Travis, Garret Price, Wes Tucker, Todd Kautz, Nick Fowler, Carrie Kyle
Front Row, L to R: Dean Beyer, Tyler Petroelje, Chevy, Moose, Greg Davidson (FIDD), Pica, Emily Moberg, Katie Torreano, Morgan Oberly, Erica Perez, Erin Largent, Mollie Liskiewicz, Brett Skelly, Ashley Lutto
Not Pictured: Jerrold Belant, Joe LaRose, Casey Maynard, Nicole Cook (FIDD)

Winter 2014-15

employees from winter 2014-15

Back row, L to R: Todd Kautz, Nick Fowler, Tyler Petroelje
Middle row, L to R: Jason Lombardi, Kris Harmon, Monique Picon, Ashley Lutto
Front row, L to R: Missy Stallard, Kaitlin Haase, Tom Lacerda

Spring-Summer 2014

employees from spring/summer 2014

Back row, L to R: Cody Norton, Todd Kautz, Kyle Smith, Jake Boone
Middle row, L to R: Jen Grauer, Abbi Hirschy, Sara Harrington, Zack Farley
Front row, L to R: Kyle Hines, Jackie Jeffery, Savanna Summers, Sara Wendt, Nick Fowler, Chris Boyce, Tyler Petroelje

Winter 2013-2014

employees from winter 2013-2014

Back row, L to R: Kris Harmon, Greta Schmidt, Evan Shields, Todd Kautz, Tyler Petroelje
Front row, L to R: Steffen Peterson, Deb Martell, Alyssa Roddy, Pete Mumford
Not pictured: Nate Libal

Spring-Summer 2013

employees from spring/summer 2013

4th row, L to R: Caleb Eckloff, Evan Shields, Nate Libal, Logan Thompson, Tyler Petroelje, Ty Frank
3rd row, L to R: Dan Tomasetti, Deb Martell, Ben Mattykiewicz, Anne Patterson, Jessie Roughgarden, Kelly Deweesee
2nd row, L to R: Phillip Lyons, Brian Kidder, Missy Stallard, Polly Chen, Annie Washakowski
1st row, L to R: Mac Nichols, Dave Rogers

Winter 2012-13

employees from winter 2012-2013

Back row, L to R: Matt Peterson, Chloe Wright
Front row, L to R: Tyler Petroelje, Dakota, Todd Kautz, Tanya Wolf, Farley, Deb Martell, Nate Libal, Buck
Not pictured: Olivia Montgomery, Liz Robbe

Spring-Summer 2012

employees from spring/summer 2012

L to R: Cody Norton, Deb Martell, Tyler Petroelje, Nathan Libal

Fall 2011

employees from fall 2011

Back row, L to R: Melina Stillfried, Chloe Wright, Jasmine Reppen, Kristen Wokanick
Front row, L to R: Kio, Nate Svoboda, Jett

Spring-Summer 2011

employees from spring-summer 2011

Back row, L to R: Eric Ness, Tyler Petroelje, Cody Norton, Kelsy Payne, Josh Fosdick, Chris Ayers, Eric Maringer
Front row, L to R: Nate Svoboda, Jasmine Reppen, Stephanie Raiman, Alec Nelson, Marie Tosa, Tim Swearingen, Jared Duquette

Winter 2010-11

employees from winter 2010-2011

Back row, L to R: Nika Levikov, Alec Nelson, Meghan Harrigan, Caitlin Ott-Conn, Joshua Fosdick, Tyler Petroelje
Front row, L to R: Nate Svoboda, Tim Swearingen

Spring/Summer 2010

employees from spring/summer 2010

Back Row, L to R: Jarrod Hammerly, Josh Fosdick, Tom Olsen Jr. (landowner), Chris Ayers, Tyler Petroelje, Hunter Knowles, Pam Olsen (landowner), Nick Vinciguierra
Middle Row, L to R: Rhonda Houk, Tanya Wolf, Caitlin Ott-Conn, Karina Lamy, Heather Stricker
Front Row, L to R: Jared Duquette, Julie Jarvey, Tom Olsen Sr. (landowner), Christina Rasanen, Rebekah Karsch, Nate Svoboda, Kio

Winter 2009-10

employees from winter 09/10

Left to Right: Jared Duquette, Kevin Smith, Lacey Kreiensieck., Rebekah Karsch, Chad Corroy Not pictured: Heather Stricker

Spring/Summer 2009

employees from spring/summer 09

Back row, L to R: Mike Jones, Justin Edge, Chris Ayers, Orrin Duvuvei, Erin High
Middle row, L to R: Tyler Petroelje, Dr. Dean Beyer, Lisa Fuladbash, Nate Svoboda
Front row, L to R: Rebekah Karsch, Clay Wilton, Jared Duquette, Dr. Jerrold Belant, Heather Stricker

Winter 2009

employees from winter 2009

L to R: Jared Duquette, Jerrold Belant, Nate Svoboda
Not Pictured: Dean Beyer