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Efficacy of Best Management Practices as an Approach to Water Resource Conservation in the Mississippi Delta RegionEfficacy of Best Management Practices as an Approach to Water Resource Conservation in the Mississippi Delta Region

By:   Robert Kröger

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What Do We Do?

The Water Quality Lab in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture at Mississippi State University is an externally funded laboratory that conducts EPA approved nutrient analyses on freshwater samples and has the capability to conduct a number of sediment nutrient analysis. The water quality lab conducts research throughout the state of Mississippi and outside the borders of MS on a variety of projects.

Who Does The Work?

The Water Quality Lab is run by Dr. Blair Goodridge and Dr. Beth Baker. The lab is a vehicle to provide quality assured and quality controlled nutrient analysis to state and federally funded projects. At its core, the Water Quality Lab is committed to providing opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate education. The lab employs multiple undergraduate students as work study students, collaborates with undergraduate students completing practicum's through the Environmental Science minor, and trains graduate students in relevant water quality analysis to aid in future employment.

Our Projects

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Want More Info?

If you are interested in finding out more about our services within the Water Quality lab, or are an interested graduate student that has a research interest in aquatic biogeochemistry, water quality in agriculture, and using innovative management practices to improve aquatic ecosystem health, feel free to contact the graduate school at Mississippi State University for application requirements and Dr. Beth Baker or Dr. Blair Goodridge for inquiries on position availability.