" We define our landscapes as much as they define us "

Fisheries Ecology and Management

  A stated choice analysis of Texas catfish angler catch and management preferences

Kevin Hunt

  Adaptive management of farm ponds in Mississippi: Counting the costs at managing desired endpoints to reach economic potential

Eric Dibble

  An experimental demonstration to determine best management practices for invasive plant control and restoration of the sport fishery in Mississippi Delta lakes

Eric Dibble

  Assessment of fish habitat impairment in US reservoirs

Steve Miranda

  Fish community assessments

Steve Miranda

  Freshwater sport fish management and enhancement

Wes Neal

  Market segmentation of potential fee-fishing participants in Mississippi and their willingness to pay for fishing on private waters

Kevin Hunt

  Movements and habitat use of pallid and shovelnose sturgeon in the Lower Mississippi River

Harold Schramm

  Natural and anthropogenic recovery of coastal river fish populations Following Hurricane Katrina

Donald Jackson

  Paddlefish populations on the Noxubee Refuge: Bluff Lake outlet spawning and Halbert Lake juvenile habitat assessment

Peter Allen

  Promoting crappie recruitment in Northwest Mississippi reservoirs

Steve Miranda