Engineered Wood Products

TimTek Engineering

A process initially conceived in Australia that turns small diameter trees into high strength engineered lumber has been refined at Mississippi State University. Shuqualak Lumber Company has built a TimTek engineered wood products plant in Meridian, MS that will bring many new jobs to Mississippi. A pilot project at MSU’s Forest and Wildlife Research Center demonstrated a viable market for the trees used in the TimTek process. These small diameter trees are thinned from pine plantations and are generally used as pulp wood. By separating the wood into long strands, then coating the strands with an exterior-type adhesive and drying before forming to the desired shape, the TimTek process can produce lengths and cross sections greater than can be achieved from the largest logs available. These engineered products will be used in residential and commercial construction jobs as joists, rafters, headers, and other uses where strength and quality are required. MSU is the perfect place for refining the process, as scientists in the engineered wood products area have all the equipment necessary to perform numerous tests on the TimTek products. The product has already passed the most difficult code approval test, the long beam or span portion test. When all code tests are completed, the code approvals will allow the TimTek product to carry a grade stamp for acceptance in the market place.