New Manufacturing Systems for Wood-based Industries

  Accelerated composting of hardwood bark with poultry litter and ammonium nitrate for horticultural applications

Hamid Borazjani

  Bioconversion of lignocellulose into a feedstock for the production of a diesel

Susan Diehl

  Creating a standard test for the durability and strength on construction, pipeline, and dragline mats.

P. David Jones

  Development of fuels for bio-oil

Philip Steele

  Development of high-value carbon materials from biomass

Jilei Zhang

  Field test to determine the comparative durability of crossties treated with alternative preservatives

Mike Barnes

  Southern regional center for lightweight Innovative design

Sheldon Shi

  Sustainable energy bio-oil: Petroleum refinery technology

Philip Steele

  Sustainable energy bio-oil: Pilot plant

Philip Steele